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Supporting you through to actualisation 

Mental and physical health support,

helping you on the journey going beyond wellbeing.

We can be contacted in multiple ways to best accommodate you.

E:Mail: info@academyofself.org

Tel / Facetime: +44 (0)20 4526 8098

WhatsApp: +44 (0)1707 933 269

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With that in mind here is our attempt at answering that most humble of questions.


We are simply a not for profit organisation in which its sole founding purpose is to make a positive impact to people’s lives by providing holistic wellbeing programmes allowing you to define your meaning, realise your potential and thrive.

We could define ourselves by the standard broad term waffle such as ‘leaders of this’, ‘uniquely positioned to do that’, ‘passionate about xyz’ and this may give the warm fuzzy feeling, but does it actually answer the question?

These programmes consist of a myriad of coaching, counselling, martial arts, mindfulness, and various other techniques to deliver positive changes within individuals.

This not for profit organisation has been built by people not resources.  People who bring a diversity of thought, lived experience, and share the common goal of making a positive impact to society.