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About Us

“Top Down, Ground Up, Left shift, Right manage, Maximise staff efficiency, Be happy, Be a lion, Be a success, Do it in 5 steps, 3 Easy tips, Follow this system…”

These phrases may spark your interest or induce a sensation of cringe, one thing they have in common from the individual to the corporate goliath is that we want that ‘something’ that generally promotes growth, positive belief, and resilience and we likely want it yesterday.

We look externally for qualities that are innate in all of us, and that is where we can help you actualise these qualities, prompting growth, building positive belief, and fostering resilience.

Whether you are an individual on a path of self-improvement or a company looking for ways to promote wellbeing for its employees, we would be honoured to be part of your journey and help facilitate positive change.

What is The Academy of Self-Actualisation from an organisational perspective?

The Academy of Self-Actualisation was founded on and fully dedicated to the advancement of the mental, physical, and spiritual welfare of individuals, businesses, and communities primarily by and not limited to:

  • Providing counselling and coaching services

  • Providing advice, training, and informal education

  • Develop and deliver best practices and programs for people and business

  • Publishing or distribute information.

  • Co-operating with other bodies.

  • Promoting or carry out research.

  • Campaigning for mental and physical well-being practices

We want any and everybody to have access to as many tools, techniques, and teachings as possible to promoting personal and community wellbeing.  To deliver this aim we are a not for profit social enterprise and all profits will be reinvested into helping those in need and expanding our capacity and reach for delivery of these aims.

What is The Academy of Self-Actualisation from a personal perspective?

There are times when navigating life can be akin to travelling the Amazon.  You may have the tools and supplies but no destination.  You may be going in without any maps, tools, or supplies whatsoever.  Sometimes you can sit on the boundary commentating on how others are doing maybe procrastinating on how you could do it better, or you could rely on hope for things to be better.  None of these approaches are particularly great to say the least.

Personally, I have fallen into plenty of traps, languished in various pits and survived some extremely bad seasons in life in which I had to learn very much the hard way how to navigate my Amazon. 

To be able to help others navigate their Amazon, build the tools and resources needed for the good and bad, that is why on the personal level we formed ‘The Academy of Self-Actualisation’.

Carl Langley - Co-Founder