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Going Beyond

Where's your heading?

Wellbeing are part of the journey not the destination, what is it you actually want in life?  Have you ever considered what the actualised 'you' could achieve?

We have a wide range of tools to support you on your journey, from programmes focused on actualisation talent, to supporting talking therapies such as counselling, CBT and hypnotherapy.


Actualisation involves self-mastery, this is the point where we self-motivate, self-regulate, have a pragmatic belief in our capabilities, are creative and on a path of continual improvement and challenge, for one can never be a true master of life, just become a better student.

We believe once on this path, you will be able to inspire and elevate others to become a positive force in society.

Self-mastery may at times be the harder path to take but that is where true fulfilment lies.

The first consultation is free and this is where we discuss how we can support you on your journey to self-actualisation, set expectations and agree number of and frequency of sessions.