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Life can be complicated enough,  it takes different disciplines working in unison to navigate at the best of times. 


We provide a multi-discipline approach with our clients to not only be grounded in the present, but to actualise their potential to face tomorrow's challenges.


All our services are grounded in the solid foundations of mindfulness and martial arts based practices.

Whether it's Counselling, Hypnotherapy to NLP, or QiGong, Shotokan to Goshin Ryu we have access to an extensive toolkit to best serve your desired outcomes.

Some examples of areas we work on are:

Responsibility of self, enabling empowerment

Core identity

Gratitude and acceptance

Challenging limiting beliefs

Effective goal setting and accountability

The initial consultation is absolutely free. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please let us know and we can negotiate fees with no questions asked.



We can work with every facet of your business, from the team to the individual level.

We do not utilise or promote the approach of maximising efficiencies to eek out every last drop of performance as this is very much at odds with our core values.


Our methodology adopts working with individuals at all levels from a counselling to coaching approach to assist in them actualising their potential personally and within the organisation.

We work with senior leadership, HR and other teams, to help realise the business goals, an independant support functions such as staff counselling as well as providing the tools, resources and wellbeing programmes to assist in providing a workspace that is conducive for fulfilment and success.



If you are an charity, social enterprise, volunteer group, blue light service, key workers, educators, or other community based organisation then we would like to help.

There are a variety of ways we could be of service to your organisation.  This could be in the form of workshops for your members or staff to help realise goals, strategies for stress management, confidence, conflict management, and many others.

You may want to offer one-off sessions or courses which we could help facilitate for clients, students or customers.