The Path to Mastery Show

Taking the first steps to self-mastery

Starting on the 11th July 2021 @ 10:00am and then fortnightly thereafter, same time, same channel!

We discuss developing a growth mindset to create the conditions within ourselves to start actualisation our innate talents. We are grounded in mindfulness practices we provide.

Episode 1 (11/07/21) - Introduction to the series and we discuss our first topic being Fear, and how we hold ourselves back.

Episode 2 (25/07/21) - We look into how we relate with ourselves, challenging our perceptions, and demands and standards we place upon ourselves..

Episode 3 (08/08/21) - We look into how we will be  discussing the impact labels have on our lives. We will be exploring core values and building a positive concept by defining ourselves with growth in mind

Episode 4 (22/08/21) - We look into expectations, and how managing expectations can lead to a more balanced mindset.

Episode 5 (05/09/21) - We look into how you relate to your past, and how to challenge self-limiting beliefs.

Episode 6 (03/10/21) - We talked about how much you have control personal reality into somethin

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